Two words: Lingerie. Wardrobe.

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Ahh, the public displays of lingerie. We’ve all had them: blouse buttons flying across the office (yep, that button right at the boobs), skirts flying up à la Marilyn Monroe (rendering us more frantic than sexy), caught in the flash thunder shower wearing a white blouse (let’s be real we’re running for the nearest Starbucks, not singing in the rain) and the crotch rip (so horrific, it needs no explanation). Then there’s that other kind of display- the kind that leaves us feeling even more exposed. We’re talking about the one in the boudoir. And because we’re only human, you can bet we’ve been caught in our rattiest undies at least once. Criiiinge.

While we can’t all have a lingerie closet quite like our CEO Claire’s, having a drawer of the basic essentials can definitely help soften the blow in any of the aforementioned occurrences. And, heck, maybe even boost our egos.

Because the ladies at Journelle always have you covered (pun intended), we put our pretty heads together to create a list of basic styles that are anything but. Amongst them are gorgeous demi and soft bras, oh-so-comfy panties and must-have loungewear. There’s even a little something for those intimate moments we discussed. I mean, it is lingerie after all.

Told you, we’ve got you covered.
(the barest essentials of the perfect lingerie wardrobe- and why)