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It’s officially spring. And though it may not totally feel that way (hello blustery wind + impending snow flurries), but we’re believers, so we have to trust the weather girl that spring is just around the corner (Saturday?). And. We. Are. Ready.

By now, you’ve probably heard/read/had your Twitter feed or inbox inundated with our love for spring cleaning. Not just any spring cleaning, but the kind of cleaning that organizes [overflowing] lingerie drawers and then adds to [overflowing] lingerie drawers. But above all this is the kind of cleaning where we get to help a sister out. If you’ve somehow missed the info on our second annual Spring Cleaning Bra Drive with Free The Girls, have no fear, you’ve got until March 31st to clean up.

It’s no secret we love a new playlist. Sidenote: It seems to be the only thing to get us off the couch and in gear this time of year. And we’ve got a great one right here, so grab your swiffer (aka dance partner) and feather duster (aka diva mic) and get ready to sing, sort and smile your way through spring [cleaning].

Trust us, our apartments – and lingerie drawers – have never been so clean.

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