The Best Valentine’s Day, Ever: Teil Drei

| Love

It’s finally here – Valentine’s Day/Night. We thought we’d wait until our very laaaast post to create some mood. It’s no secret we’re music lovers around Journelle. And it’s even less of a secret that we love mixed tapes/cds and personalized playlist about as much as we love champagne and oysters. Throw all of them together, mix it up with a pretty handsome Austrian – who can cook – and we think you might have The Best Valentine’s Day, Ever. While we can’t deliver on all three, we can bring you a sexy playlist crafted by Eduard Frauneder co-owner and chef of the East Village gems Edi & The Wolf and The Third Man and Midtown’s Seasonal with Wolfgang Ban.

Few places give off a vibe that’s as sexy as Edi & The Wolf. Truth be told, it’s the go-to spot of one of our Journelles (also a music lover) so she was the one who delivered Edi – and his music – into our hands. If you’ve never been, get thee over there and quick. A cozy nook of a restaurant that balances the right amount of chic with rustic is waiting. Oh, and thanks to super low lighting everyone looks better while there. Edi’s playlist for a very happy Valentine’s Night is below.

Edi x Valentine’s