And the award for the best playlist goes to…

| Love

Is there any better time than Oscars night to tap into the alluring style of classic Hollywood women? Silk, lace + all things luxe are forever our M.O., but the Oscars are the perfect excuse to go all out.

Come Sunday, our eyes will be glued to the red carpet lounging amongst a few of our most glamorous friends. Champagne on ice and clad in something classy yet comfortable (we’re thinking Elle Macpherson’s Obsidian Phoenix Chemise topped with Zinke’s Rosalie Robe), we’ll be ready to witness both the triumphs and tragic shortfalls on Hollywood’s biggest night.

As all good shows do, ours will have the best. Soundtrack. Ever. We’re talkin’ oldies, modern classics, songs to make you laugh and yes, even some for the perfunctory cry. A hit list of songs that will just blow your chemise up a bit. So dress up (by dressing down), hit play on our playlist and channel the vixens of Hollywood past + present.