The Paris Edition: Day 2

| Life, Lingerie

When you’re in Paris for work, it rarely feels like work. Take today for example (and there’s not a hint of hyperbole in this account), we got up, ate yogurt out of the cutest little jar, had cafe creme (the first of many), took a snowy walk to the metro and then spent the rest of the day viewing next season’s lingerie must haves while sipping cafe creme (again) and sampling macarons, only to have dinner and drinks at Hemingway‘s old haunt, La Closerie des Lilas. What is it about Paris that makes everything – from baguette to taxi rides – tres fantastique? Je ne sais pas.

We do know what makes next season’s lingerie tres fantastique. There’s more haute bondage from Bordelle – with lace and colored silk, natch – and bold, vivid silk and lace at Myla. And even more beautiful prints from Beautiful Bottoms. On top of your tried-and-true favorites, we’ve found a host of emerging brands you’ll soon adore. Oh, and Chantal Thomass is [finally] coming to the States. But more on our afternoon chatting with the lingerie super star later, it’s time for an aperitif.

Bis bis.