Paris Photo Diary Part 2

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As promised, part deux of our Paris photo diary. In between scouting all the lingerie amazingness we’re going to bring you next season (you are literally going to lose your mind over some of the styles) we found time – as one does in Paris – to take in the good life. Turns out, la vie du luxe includes wandering the left bank, shopping La Grande Épicerie, lunching at Panis (the cafe where @clairejournelle used to pen her thoughts), dinner at Frenchie and even digestifs with some other Americans in Paris from Hudson Clearwater. Not to mention cocktails at Hemingway’s old haunt. We’re with Audrey in that, “Paris is always a good idea.” And one to revisit, surely.

Dejeuner at Cafe Panis. (Side note: Where Claire spent her days writing while studying abroad.)

Wandering the Rue du Bac at dusk.

A snowy trip to the Notre Dame.

A Moveable Feast in French: Secured.

Home sweet home: La Maison Favart.

Installation du jour at the Salon International de la lingerie.

Vin chaud pour deux s’il vous plait. (Le best way to spend a chilly day.)