Designer Q&A: Olivia von Halle

| Lingerie

“Giddy” is probably the best word to describe the way we reacted when we learned that we were going to start carrying Olivia von Halle’s gorgeous line of silk pajamas. The super chic Brit created the line of uber luxurious pajamas (or, as they say across the pond, pyjamas) while living in Shanghai. Her product is the definition of glamour and her desire to help ladies lounge in high style and comfort is definitely a concept we can get behind. Olivia was kind enough to answer some questions about our new favorite line…

1. Your line launched in September 2011. What was the initial inspiration?

I was working as a trend forecaster in Shanghai, China and had the most incredible tailor. He was every girl’s wildest dream and could replicate Lanvin dresses from pages torn out of Vogue. One day I started fantasising about how elegant it would be to have a beautiful pair of printed silk pyjamas to lounge around in when coming home from partying with friends.  He made me a pair and I instantly became addicted to them and started wearing them all the time. Friends begged me to make them some and before I knew it I had an order list longer than my tailor could ever manage, so I decided to launch the Olivia von Halle brand.

2. Who is the Olivia von Halle customer?

A fashion-forward woman who loves great cuts and beautiful fabrics and who wants to feel as chic and glamorous at home as she does when she is heading out partying.

3. Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by the eccentric British aristocracy – I love the faded glamour and the history of the houses and families with a good dose of British madness thrown into the mix.

4. What is your favorite piece from the AW12 collection?

The Lila Namalee pyjama is our best seller from last season and my favourite; the purple and green combine to give this amazing sheen.

5. What has been your most rewarding moment since launching?

When Vanity Fair featured the Namalee pyjama last month – it was amazing to be recognised in such an international publication!

6. What 3 lingerie essentials should every woman own?

Hanky Panky boyshorts, an Angela dress by Bordelle and a pair of Olivia von Halle silk pyjamas.

7. How does your height based sizing system work?

At 6ft tall I was so fed up with buying pyjamas which were always too short in the leg and arm, whilst smaller friends complained of feeling swamped. We decided to develop a sizing system based on a combination of your height and dress size, meaning that whether you were a petite 5ft or a statuesque 6ft 2” your pyjama would fit perfectly. It is much the same as buying luxury tights and we have found it has worked really well for our customers.

8. Where are you based?

I live in London with my hsuband Hugo and my boxer dog, Bathtub.

9. Favorite city?

We spent a couple of years living out in Shanghai and one of the best things was being  able to spend weekends popping off to different countries in Asia. I fell in love with Tokyo and would love to spend more time there.

10. Style icon?

The quintessentially British and wildly eccentric Daphne Guinness.

11. Your guilty pleasure?

A hot bath filled with Jo Malone bath oil, the latest Vogue, a cup of earl grey tea and a couple of hours to soak.