Our latest photo shoot: a look behind the scenes

| Lingerie

Lingerie photo shoots can be tricky.  There’s a very fine line between sexy and skanky, between classy and crass. Here at Journelle, we’re fans of what we call “Sunday morning sexy.” You know, glowing skin, tousled hair, and a gorgeous chemise. Maybe throw in a robe for good measure. So when we had our latest photo shoot in the amazing loft suite of the 60 Thompson hotel in Soho, this was the look we were aiming for.

Luckily, we had a great team helping us out. With amazing photographer Jayme Thornton behind the lens and lovely model Katie Burell in front of it, we were fairly confident that we’d be happy with the results.  Throw in expert hair stylist and make up artist, Lynn, a sweeping view of the Manhattan skyline, and loads of lingerie and we figured we couldn’t go wrong.

Katie, Model/British Babe

Journelle: Where are you from?

Katie: I’m British.

Journelle: How long have you been modeling?

Katie: 15 years.

Journelle: What’s your pre-lingerie photo shoot ritual?

Katie: Shower, lots of shaving (laughs), moisturize

Lynn: No diet, huh?

Katie: I’m pretty health anyway, so it’s not like I don’t eat for five days before a shoot.

Journelle: What has been your most interesting photo shoot?

Katie: Swimwear in Iceland I’d say was pretty interesting. I’ve never been so cold in my life. But then I’ve had such amazing shoots in Africa and Asia where you get to do incredible things.

Lynn, Makeup and Hair Extraordinaire

Journelle: How long have you been in the beauty industry?

Lynn: 15 years

Journelle: What look are you going for at today’s shoot?

Lynn: Soft, fresh, natural. Her hair has waves like she went out the night before and now she’s woken up and it’s not so done.

Journelle: What has been your most interesting job?

Lynn: A safari in Africa surrounded by cheetahs and elephants. That was pretty amazing. Another was a 3 week shoot for an adventure cruise line.


Keep an eye out for the lovely pictures! We’ll be debuting them soon! xo