Gorgeous Jewel Tones Usher in Fall

| Lingerie

Lacy Moodboard

As we get ready for the leaves to turn gorgeous shades of red and yellow, we’re on the look out for some new colors for our lingerie drawer. This fall brings a stunning jewel-toned palette, and our shelves are stocked with rich blues, deep purples, and lush greens.

All of our favorite designers seem to have hopped on this beautifully-colored bandwagon. Chantelle has taken their classic Eternelle set and re-imagined it in a color they’ve dubbed “Fatal Violet.” Lou’s rich emerald and sapphire sets (which seem to compliment any skin tone) are made even more beautiful by the delicate laces they’re constructed with. And Passionata’s White Nights set in a lovely platinum color is the perfect compliment to all these jewel tones.

Who needs a jewelry box when you’ve got a lingerie collection like this?