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Right now the fashion world is completely abuzz with the Fall 2012 Couture shows, but at Journelle we’re still caught up in thinking about all the amazing Resort 2013 looks. We know, we know, we’re a little behind, but we can’t help but linger on the bright, summery looks provided to us by our favorite resortwear designers. They were colorful, they were flirty, and they were a little more practical for our lives than the couture looks. Oh, and did we mention they matched our favorite lingerie sets?

















Donatella Versace reportedly referred to her collection as “rockmantic”, which we think is a perfect description for both her startlingly pink leather dress and this Claudette mesh bra. We don’t need to point out the obvious resemblances between the two. We’re pretty sure the only way they could be more similar is if the bra were made of leather – and we think we’ll have to stick with the silky mesh material on this one.


















We’ll admit that color combination isn’t always our strongest suit. For example: who would’ve imagined this neon lime would have been so perfectly complemented by this sweet shade of blush? (Hint: not us.) But now that we’ve seen it, we can’t get enough of this combination, and luckily, great minds (or great fashion designers) think alike. We’ll leave the color combination up to Diane von Furstenberg and Mimi Holliday.


















There was something about the entire Narciso Rodriguez collection that was so…effortless. We’re talking about staples here – black cigarette pants, a classic white tee, and a patterned blazer. The refreshing python print doesn’t exactly match the black and white lace pattern on this Mimi Holliday set, but there’s some easy quality that the two share. What’s the word? Oh, that’s right – effortless.


















We want to get married in these Reem Acra dresses. Or attend a fancy gala, or even just own them and stash them in our closets and bring them out every so often just to stare at them. We could even settle for doing the dishes in them, if only we could afford them. For now, we’re going to have to go with this dreamy Fleur of England set instead.


















Valentino has done it again with this sheer, floral-embroidered number. We’re picturing wearing this airy dress to a garden party or to frolic around in a meadow full of peonies (our favorite flower!). This Valery Aria bra features the same sheer material and scalloped edges, but we’re picturing wearing it to bed instead. Or maybe still the meadow of peonies.


















We’ve seen lacy dresses before, and we’ve certainly seen lacy bras. We’ve even seen black and cream lacy dresses and bras, so the idea behind this Temperley London dress and Mimi Holliday set isn’t exactly news to us. But somehow, we found ourselves swooning when we saw these pieces. We looked a little closer and noticed the sweet eyelash lace. Then we looked a little closer and we noticed the subtle scalloped details. Then we looked even closer, and we were smitten.


















We’re not sure how to best describe this Hervé Legér dress. It’s quirky, it has a fun cut, it’s a little bit edgy, and well, it’s just cool (it helps that the model has those aviators and that fierce ponytail). This The Lake & Stars set is all of those things, except muted and darker. We like to think of it as the Hervé Legér dress after dark – deeper colors, subtler patterns, and most importantly, more skin.


















Oscar de la Renta and ID Sarrieri are both kind of our idols. They’ve perfectly utilized this jaw-dropping shade of green to paint these amazing blossoms all over their pieces, and we couldn’t be happier about it. This isn’t clothing or lingerie, it’s art. And yes, they’re stunningly similar in all of their jewel-toned jade glory, but the thing the two pieces really have in common is this: we want them. We want them now.


















This Hervé Legér dress is the ultimate super heroine (or maybe super villain) outfit of the 21st century. We like to imagine that it started out as a plain black t-shirt dress, and then it got slashed apart in her numerous knife fights while she was out fighting crime. And then after a long hard day at work, she’d slip into her Bordelle Angela dress to go greet her superhero boyfriend at home. It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it.


Written by Journelle intern Alexa Lee.

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