Designer Q&A: Robin Levitt of Claudette

| Lingerie


How did you get into the lingerie world and how did you come to start Claudette?

You can’t help but be passionate about women’s intimate apparel – and when I had the opportunity to start Claudette I had been immersed in the lingerie world for a couple of years. The opportunity to provide fun, fashionable options for the larger cup clientele, while still being able to serve the core customer became our goal at Claudette.

What was your inspiration for the AW12 collection?

We wanted to take what we had built for SS12 into the Autumn season. We continued to explore options with neons and  paired our fun palettes of our core neon mesh with the sophistication of black eyelash lace, creating a fun yet sexy sweetheart demi. Also, the introduction of “American Tan” in both the Dessous & Cool Cotton range, which is our first “somewhat” neutral color – a rich mocha reminiscent of Women’s Hosiery worn decades ago.

Describe the Claudette woman.

Claudette embraces women of all shapes & sizes! The response from boutiques such as Journelle has been so positive and the client feedback is consistently strong. She loves color, is confident & eager to explore. She loves the thought of having that neon bra on – regardless of what or where life take her during her business day: she loves fine things and easily splurges, by adding several colors into her bra wardrobe! Claudette allows her to express herself in her lingerie wardrobe regardless of how she may express herself to the outside world! The option for a sheer bra up to a G cup had been liberating for women stuck in a bra that doesn’t “suit” her personality – so its a pleasure to get the positive notes & emails from individuals who have become “Claudette” women. I wish I could tell you there is a specific demographic that has responded to Claudette – however the range has been all over – and so much more driven by lifestyle & attitude, rather than an age, or a size!

Your Dessous Mesh bra get rave reviews, especially from women with larger cup sizes. Is catering to women with larger cups a focus for you?

Absolutely – we build our bras for the larger cup woman – often starting with a 36E – our most popular selling size as a fit guide baseline. The 34B gets a lot of benefit as the bra is designed to work up to a G cup. Those same design & production elements go into the entire collection – so the core size bras get all the details that the G customer needs.

What 3 lingerie essentials should every woman own?

The  perfect bra that moves form day to night – for me – the Mauve Dessous – nearly transparent on the skin, but lovely to show off too!
A great pair of high waisted knickers! Always so flattering, and has a great retro look to them
A luxury lingerie travel bag-  and wash to care for your intimates properly while on the road!

What do you think makes Claudette unique among lingerie brands?

Our amazing color palette and exceptional fit. The Dessous offers a sheer option up to a G cup!

What is your favorite piece from the AW12 collection?

The En Dentelle Intense in Neon Green with the eyelash lace bikini  & the American Tan Dessous.

Other than Claudette, what are some of your favorite lingerie brands and why?

I love Stella McCartney, as well as Lascivious. Dani Read FYI collection is great fun and I really enjoy some things I’ve got from Miss La La’s, which in so longer available.

Who is your style icon?

There are so many I have loved – to follow, to be inspired by and to watch on the red carpet! Favorites from my youth would be Madonna and Debbie Harry, Today will always love SJP’s eclectic style, Sophie Dahl and of course there are the classic looks of Audrey Hepburn that will forever remain all time favorites.