Summer Dreams with The Lingerie Addict

| Lingerie

We recently approached Treacle Tart (a.k.a., The Lingerie Addict) to curate a summer pinboard for us, filled with her warm weather inspiration and, of course, her favorite lingerie of the season. Within a few days, she had created this lovely board for us to ogle at and we thank her helping us to forget the brutal NYC weather for just a little while. Read more about Treacle’s summer favorites below!


“When I lived in Georgia, I dreaded summer. The heat…the humidity…the sweat. Summer was a season to stay indoors, drink iced tea, and dream about cool Autumn breezes. But now that I live in Seattle, Summer is my most favorite time of the year because it’s the only time when it’s not raining!

My ‘Summer Dreams‘ folder for Journelle shows off some of the things I like most most about my new favorite season like barbecue, fruity drinks, and sheer, effortless lingerie. And since my own social media platforms are mostly dedicated to undergarments, it’s been fun showing some other sides of myself on Journelle’s Pinterest.

My favorite things I’ve pinned so far are the Pink Grapefruit Margarita recipe (seriously, how refreshing does that sound?), the watermelon hearts (because watermelon will always mean summer to me), and the Samantha Chang aqua lace bra and panty set (it just looks looks absolutely weightless). But stay tuned because I’ll probably have a new favorite three next week!

Thanks for inviting me to do a little ‘pinning’ with you this summer, Journelle! And if any of your customers have Pinterest accounts, they can find me on The Lingerie Addict‘s own Pinterest here: I’m looking forward to meeting them!”

Thanks, Treacle! Happy summer!