Summer Cocktails & Lingerie

| Lingerie, Love

With a heat wave crashing over NYC this week, we at Journelle spent a lot of our free time thinking of ways to keep cool. Option one: face potential social scrutiny and ditch our clothes to wear only lingerie in this 95-degree heat. Option two: whip up a batch of our favorite beverages to quench our thirst. Option three: a fun combination of the two.  Here are the pieces we’d wear while testing out these new drink recipes.

This summery Fleur of England set isn’t called “A Dash of Lime” for no reason. This sheer, citrus-y set is exactly what we want to be wearing to beat the heat, and we’re demanding ice-cold lime margaritas to match our lingerie. We picture ourselves in giant white lawn chairs, being fanned by giant palm fronds and asking for refills. Oh, and in this fantasy, we’re poolside. Cheers!

This season, Mimi Holliday delivered yet another collection of bright, flirty pieces for us to devour. We couldn’t help but notice their delicious names – Mojito, Sangria, Daiquiri. We know this slip already has a name of its own, but we think its perfect fruity shade of pink calls for a renaming. We like to call it Herradura Splash.

This frothy pink and white Eberjey Adelaide set will be a go-to this summer. It’s sugary, girly, playful, and innocent all at the same time. To match the sweetness of this set, we’re thinking this non-alcoholic Hawaiian Lava Flow will do just perfectly. One ticket to Maui, please!

We love it when colors go hand-in-hand with a flavor. Case in point: lime, peach, and orange. And of course, we can’t forget lavender. This sweet, lacy Elle Macpherson confection looks good enough to eat – and that’s why we’re pretty sure whoever came up with the recipe for these Blueberry Lavender Mojitos had this set in mind.

We could use the exact same adjectives to describe our ideal summer that we use to describe Simone Perele’s Nina set – tropical, sultry, and exotic. And this exotic floral lace in a brilliant shade of magenta deserves an exotic drink to match. We recommend a Sapphire East Dragon, on the rocks.

This Chilean drink is traditionally served around Christmastime, but we think it’d be the perfect drink for when we’ve gotten our fruity fix this summer and are looking for something rich and creamy. This goes for lingerie too – in fact, we may have to put our neons on the back burner for this silky, mocha-colored set from Zinke.

Sangria makes us think of late summer dinner parties in backyards and friends gathering on Saturday nights to bring the season to a close. In our imagination, we’re sipping sangria as the sun sets and dyes the sky a deep shade of red. We can picture it now: our friends are laughing, the temperature is slowly cooling down – and we’re wearing this Elle Macpherson Sunset Sky set.

Written by Journelle intern Alexa Lee.