Designer Q&A: Shadia K’David from Salua

| Lingerie

1. Tell us a bit about Salua and the history of the brand.

SALUA as a brand seeks to inspire romanticism and embody a sense of vintage glamour. We design in the forward leaning city of Seattle and manufacturer out of our own workshop in my Caribbean hometown of Santa Marta, Colombia. SALUA was founded by my mother in 1993. Her classical, but unique and mostly cotton designs quickly gained notoriety throughout Colombia, and her Santa Marta boutique became a popular stop for women in search of the country’s finest sleepwear garments. A true trailblazer, my mother is just one of a handful of successful women entrepreneurs from the Colombian Caribbean coast. This appreciation for both my mother and the brand that she has built inspired me to take SALUA to an international level, and in 2009 I opened up shop in Seattle. Steadfast in continuing the SALUA tradition of designing elegant hand crafted sleepwear, in 2011 I introduced our bridal line with the intent to capture a younger spirit while maintaining the same attention to detail and quality that has come to define our brand.

2. Describe the Salua woman.

The woman who dons SALUA recognizes the power of her own femininity to enchant, seduce, and to create an atmosphere of love as the soul of her home.

3. Where does the name Salua come from?

SALUA is used in Arabic to describe the sweetest fruit that awaits us in paradise, which we are rewarded with for getting there. Although born and raised in Colombia, my father’s family is of Lebanese descent, and this rich cultural tradition has helped shape my identity and life perspective.

4. What makes Salua unique in the world of luxury sleepwear?

What sets SALUA apart is the balance we achieve between romance, glamour and realism. Our designs are at once fantastical and practical. The result are garments ideal for inspiring intimacy and well-being every night of the week.  The comfort and elegance of SALUA inspires a timeless air of beauty, sensuality and purity within the home.

5. What was the inspiration for the latest collection?

The SS2012 “Hide & Seek” collection, is inspired in the woman who find themselves alluding men while seeking out that one she knows is for her. The collection is for the woman who is patiently waiting for her destined companion, but is playful and enjoying herself in the meantime.

6. How does the attitude towards lingerie in Columbia differ from that in the US?

Colombian women have a strong appreciation for detailed handwork, such as embroideries and elaborate adornment. I’ve come to recognize that the American design esthetic is a touch more sophisticated and minimalist in its approach. The saying “less is more” is a great way to sum up the American approach, and I’ve become an adherent to this method.

7. How does Colombia serve as a source of inspiration for you?

Colombia, like the US, has several different regions that each possess their own distinguishing traditions, music and even language dialects. Sources for inspiration abound.  SALUA very much captures the essence of  Santa Marta. As the oldest city of South America, Santa Marta possess a “vintage” character that embodies and conserves generations of history that span back to colonial Spain and our native Tairona and Kogi traditions.  This legacy is an intricate component of SALUA, evidenced by our use of mostly white fabrics, which is widespread along the Caribbean both because of the heat and the touch of elegance that lightweight white fabrics provide.