Journelle’s Spring Cleaning Bra Drive

| Life, Lingerie

We are so excited to announce our 2012 Spring Cleaning Bra Drive! Every year we ask our lovely Journelles to bring in their used bras in exchange for a discount on a pristine new one. We then donate all the bras we collect to charity. This year we’re happy to say that this year we’ll be donating to a wonderful organization called Free the Girls, which is a non-profit committed to helping women rescued from sex trafficking to become financially independent. All of the bras you donate will go to a woman in Mozambique who will be able to sell them at local markets, earn a living, and start a new life. We can’t think of better use for all those bras stashed in the back of our drawers.

Even better, The Laundress has donated a ton of samples of their famous lingerie wash, which we’re giving out to all customers who drop off a bra. And the icing on the cake? Journelle will donate a buck a bra to Free the Girls to help with shipping costs to Mozambique.

See our spring cleaning page for full details on how you can help!

And if you need some more inspiration to take a rummage in the back of your bra drawers, here is a CNN story about how the organization got started:

This next video has stories directly from the women in the program: