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For this year’s Valentine’s Day contest, we wanted our fans to get a bit creative. Inspired by the recent Instagram/Pinterest madness around beautiful images, we asked our fans to submit original photos that showed what love means to them. We loved seeing all the responses that ranged from heartwarming family shots, to classic wedding photos, to pet portraits (dogs were popular!) and even some abstract interpretations of love (e.g. a tree root shaped like a heart!).

We wittled down all the lovely entries to our top five and then let our fans vote on Facebook for their favorite. The people have spoken and the winning photo is….

“A Sunday Kind of Love” by Samantha
“It takes no time to fall in love, but it takes you years to know what love is…”

Where and how was this photo taken?
“It was taken at a beach house on the Oregon coast during our first weekend away together.  Asher actually took the photo himself–he’s holding his arm out snapping the shot with his phone.  We couldn’t believe how well the photo came out, and feel that somehow the image really captured all the love in the moment.”

Why does this photo represent love to you?
“I was single for 10 years when Asher and I started dating.  I spent a lot of time wanting to find ‘my guy,’ and redirecting my focus to all the ways that my life was awesome without one.  I watched my friends in good relationships and bad relationships and made lists of what I wanted.  Then I threw away the lists and started over.  I don’t think you can plan for love. I had known Asher for several years and we were friendly, but I didn’t think that I was attracted to him.  I didn’t know that our first date was a date.  I thought he just wanted to make dinner for me ‘as a friend.’  When he kissed me, everything changed.  We both felt something special.”


We loved this shot because these two look so incredibly happy. Like, ridiculously happy. Like, let’s-grow-old-together-blissfully happy. It made all of us here at Journelle sigh a collective “Awwww” and think for a second about all the wonderful things love can do.

Besides the gratification of knowing that she spread some love on Valentine’s Day, Samantha will also be getting a personally curated lingerie wardrobe worth $1,000. Not too shabby!

Congratulations Samantha and thanks to everyone who entered! We loved seeing each and every picture.


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