The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide to Lingerie: Course #3

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Before we dive into the lesson, are you new to our guide? Or perhaps need a refresher on the courses from last week? Review the first two lessons, Bras 101 and Panties 101. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

You probably know what PJs and robes are, but here are some finer points to know about loungewear, especially the saucier kinds:


Essentially a sexier (and usually silkier) version of a tank top, this versatile piece can be worn with matching shorts to bed, under a semi-sheer shirt, or as a great layering piece in her next innerwear-as-outerwear outfit. It’s the epitome of cute but comfy, and a definite upgrade from that t-shirt she got from her last office team building outing.


Quite possibly the best thing since champagne (we’re over sliced bread), the simple chemise is essentially a dress (made just for bedtime) and what we’d wear if we had a dressing room, fresh flowers everywhere, and an apartment in Paris.  A girl can dream, and she should do her dreaming in a super soft chemise.


Why it’s nice for her: Floaty and feminine, the babydoll’s empire waist is super flattering and comfy.

Why it’s nice for you: Usually sheer, the babydoll hits riiiight at the bum (i.e. shorter than a chemise). Maybe she’ll wear pigtails (but, please, don’t ask).


The one-piece romper is the equivalent of sexy footie pajamas. The shorty bottoms make this style perfect for jumping on the bed and midnight hijinks.


This one-piece style is the epitome of fierce (think Lady Gaga) as it’s tight, super short, and generally very va-voom. The bodysuit is what we wear when we want to run the world (girls).

Every woman should have a robe. This is a fact that we have tested using the scientific method and a few key graphs, one of which we share above.

How can a bathrobe make us so happy? Well, to put it simply: nothing is worse than getting out of the shower and putting your clothes right back on (except maybe getting out of the bath and putting your clothes right back on).

Having a robe is not necessary to our existence, and that’s the point. Enveloping ourselves in soft cotton, slinky silk or (gasp!) luscious cashmere is like icing on the cake, olives in the martini, or bacon on… everything. Is it necessary? No. Is it what turns good things into reasons to love life? Absolutely.

  • Baby from Dirty Dancing— She’s your baby, she carried a watermelon, and she’d like something sweet.
  • Charlie from Top Gun— She’s a good girl by day, but she definitely has a sexy side and is a bit of a maverick.
  • Jade from The Hangover— She’s a wild child and you love that about her, and you never know what you might wake up to.





Next up? A crash course in accessories for the bedroom. And no, we’re not talking about matching nightstands.