The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide to Lingerie: #4

| Lingerie

Lingerie accessories come in many forms, from the tame little extras like a feather tickler, to the truly adventurous add-ons like nipple tassles.  But there is one that seems to consistently confuse men: the garter belt. We get it–there are straps everywhere, hooks galore, and where does the stocking end and the garter start??

So we’ve provided a simple step-by-step guide to explain how to take off her garter belt gracefully. Study it well so you’re well prepared for your next encounter with these sexy staples.

(Hint for women: this might be helpful for you, too, if you’ve ever wondered how to put on a garter belt–just follow these steps in reverse!)

When asked his favorite soundtrack for making love Fitty Cent answered “Uh….That’s the first time I’ve been approached with a question like that….You know, maybe it would be, like, really up-tempo music?” Don’t be that guy.

You should know that ever since girls heard about people holding boomboxes over their heads blasting Peter Gabriel, we knew that music was an important part of love. Nothing is more of a mood-killer than the wrong tunes. And since every gal has a different idea of what the “right tunes” are, we’ve categorized by sauciness to help you pick the right accessories to match the mood.


#1: She’s a true romantic at heart and loves the idea of prince charming (that’s you).

#2: She’s cool, confident, a bit of a bad-ass, and knows how to have a good time.

#3: Sultry, sensual, and totally in control are just a few ways to describe your lady.


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