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Too easy? Here are some additional terms you may encounter in your undie forays, you overachiever:

  • Brazilian: A wider style of thong that mimics the barely-there bikini bottoms that hardly cover the ample bottoms of Brazil.
    • Use it in a sentence: Tom Brady has many Brazilians in his mansion.
  • Tie-Side: A functional bow tie at the hips of some bottoms that can be tied (or untied) to fit the wearer.
    • Use it in a sentence: Look! All you have to do is pull the end of the tie side and the bottoms come…right…….. off……. Oh my.
  • Ouvert: French for “open”, a nicer/fancier/Frencher way to say “crotchless”.
    • Use it in a sentence: Wait, are those panties cr… um…ouvert?

Now take your newfound knowledge and put it into action! Women are pretty set in their preferences for bottom styles. Some women will only wear thongs, while others swear by boyshorts. Now that you know the differences, what style does she like? Think back on all the times you’ve seen her between clothes on/clothes off. Think about her bum. Now, stop thinking about her bum. We said stop. Seriously.

Our best recommendation is to start with the style of bottoms you’ve seen her wear most often and get her the absolute sexiest version of that shape. And once again, make sure you sneak a peek at her panty drawer to find her size.

Thanks for joining us for course #2. We’ll see you next week when we tackle PJs (the sexy kind). To review Bras 101, click here.