Designer Q&A- Zinke

| Lingerie



Why were (and are) you drawn to lingerie?

We were drawn to the idea of daily luxury. To us, lingerie is the very epitome of that. First and foremost it’s for you – your style, your secret. Second, it’s a very personal way to express sense of style. That notion intrigued us long before we launched Zinke.

Tell us a bit about how and why you started Zinke.

As sisters we always wanted to work together. And quite honestly, we sort of always knew we would. Arin had a successful event design firm, Zinke Design, and she often worked with brides on their weddings. After hearing complaints there was a void in elegant, chic bridal accessories, she developed a capsule collection of camisoles, bloomers, eyemasks – stylish boudoir or bridal essentials. The response was overwhelming. I have a background in fashion design and studied at FIDM Los Angeles. Having received such positive reassurance from clients,  we decided to partner and create a more complete collection. Our first collection, Electric Girl, was such a source of pride for us – and we still love each and every piece in that collection. It was such a great collaboration and highlighted both of our personal styles, our strengths, and set the path for the Zinke aesthetic.

What do you think sets you apart from other young lingerie brands?

I would say there are a few things….Each collection tells a story. Not just with the color or styles (which they definitely do) but of an experience that was quite personal or meaningful to us. We’re very attached, I suppose, to our designs and the process. Also, the notion of versatile luxury is important to us. Each of our pieces can be mixed-and-matched. We don’t subscribe to the idea that you have to wear ‘sets’ or buy ‘sets.’ Lingerie is much more fun when you style it.

Who do you design for?

We design for anyone who loves stylish, fun lingerie. The ideal Zinke girl is free-spirited, fashion-forward, a little bit fearless in her sartorial expression but always feminine.

Favorite piece from your SS12 collection?

Mmmm, that’s tough! I would say the XOXO romper or Summer Crush top. Or the Scout bralet + panty set….I love them all!

What was your inspiration for this collection?

You know that quintessential ‘American summer?’ When the days are long and you are so carefree, running around barefoot, staying up late, your first kiss…we just transported right back to that time for us and created pieces that realized all of those amazing memories of growing up in the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Describe your style in 3 words: relaxed, feminine, contradictory

What do you envision for Zinke in the next few years? Continuing to grow our lingerie, and now swimwear collections. Collaborating with some brands we truly admire, and we would love to have a presence at Fashion Week.


We have no doubt that you’ll get there! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! xo