Behind the scenes at our photo shoot

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What’s better than spending a Sunday afternoon in a beautiful studio with a gorgeous lingerie model and tons of Journelle’s best selling pieces? Not much, in our opinion. Here’s a peek into what went on behind the scenes at our shoot, where we photographed our bestselling items like Timpa, Chantelle, and Mary Green on our Brazilian model (hot).

We agree–Julia looks smoking hot in this Chantelle Rive Gauche set.

Before the shoot: our products all lined up, waiting for their turn in the spotlight!
(Can you spot our popular styles: Duet Lace, Icone, and Colette?)

Our make-up artist had the best kit ever. If only our make-up drawer looked like this…

All glamour aside, it takes the hard work of many talented people to capture beautiful images of lingerie. We spoke with our photographer, makeup artist, and model to hear their stories of how they got started in their careers, what inspires them, and any insider tips we could pass along to all of you (e.g. why you should bend your make-up spooley brushes…genius!).

Allen, Photographer Extraordinaire
“Photo Lover and Lin Enthusiast”

When did you start taking pictures?
In my Junior High School photo club. I was always the one amongst my friends with a camera, so I started taking pictures because I thought it was exciting to capture moments with friends. And then it just took off from there.

What’s your favorite part of lingerie photo shoots?
What’s not to like? (grin)

Favorite lingerie brand?

Where are you from?
Honolulu. As much as I miss Hawaii, I love the the energy and excitement of NYC.

Any strange quirks you are willing to share?
I’m obsessed with flossing and must floss daily. Glide is a classic choice, but when I injured my shoulder I found that those floss picks were also quite handy!

Last song played on your iPod (no matter how embarrassing)?
“Tush” by Ghostface.

We can’t help but notice the disco ball in the corner of your studio…
It’s the best accessory to a song like “Tush.”

We hear you also have another job?
I’m the CEO and co-founder of PhotoShelter, which is a website service for photographers to archive, distribute, sell and display their images.

Favorite attire to shoot in?
My Jeremy Lin jersey.

Paul, Make-up Artiste
“The Transformer”

When did you start putting make-up on others?
When I was 17.

What made you fall in love with it?
I just love the transformation of women and men. Make-up has this incredible power to simply transform someone.

Your go-to make-up brand?

What are some of your beauty tips for women out there?
Use a lighter eye shadow on the inner corners of eyes to brighten the face and entire eye area. Combine that with some mascara and lip gloss and you are good to go!

Biggest beauty mistake that you see on women?
TOO MUCH FOUNDATION! I love to see the freckles and texture of skin, and too many women cover it up with too much foundation. Too much mascara or too much eyeliner could be to make a statement, but too much foundation is really the one thing that is never a good thing.

Secret pro tip?
Some Japanese brushes have bent ends, which is totally genius. So I started bending all of my spooley brush heads, which makes combing through lashes or brows so much easier when you can hold the brush vertically. (*We tried this and it really makes such a difference.)

Julia, Lingerie Model Hottie
“Zen Brazilian Babe”

Where are you from?
São Sebastião, which is in the southern part of Brazil.

How did you get started in modeling?
When I was 16, I started doing some modeling in Brazil. And then when I was 17 I really started to travel and model more seriously. I went to Milan, Barcelona, Paris, everywhere in Europe. Now I model mostly in NY and Miami.

What would you be doing if you weren’t modeling?
I loved math growing up, but I don’t know if I would do anything with that now. I would definitely do something related to fashion. Or maybe real estate. I’m involved in some real estate in Brazil. My dream though is to open my own gym/spa. It would be all zen and all organic.

Favorite lingerie?
I definitely love everything from Journelle, because it’s not vulgar. I like to mix and match everything though; I love underwear!

Favorite fashion designer?
Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs.

Favorite NY spot?
I like Provocateur, which is a club/lounge in the Meatpacking District. I like that it’s not so loud that you can’t hear other people when they talk to you.

Celebrity style that you love?
Kate Moss.

We have to ask–what’s your workout secret?
The big thing I learned is, don’t do just aerobics and don’t go overboard. When I first started modeling, I did aerobics all the time and I developed tendinitis. Now, I do a mix of aerobics and strength. I mostly take classes at Equinox, and I love Body Pump and Kickboxing. I have a scar from boxing!


We’ve heard from our customers that they would love to see model shots of our products online, so keep an eye out for these images on–we’re hard at work getting them up on the site!

In the meantime, here are some more behind the scenes pictures from the shoot (see our Facebook for even more). Enjoy!