The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide to Lingerie: Course #1

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Full Cup

Benefits: a great option for fuller cups (D’s and up), it also says “I want you to be able to wear this after Valentine’s Day too.”

Potential issues: full cup=full coverage=less visible boobies for you.

Demi Cup

Benefits: the demi cup (aka: half cup) is flattering on most shapes, and is usually quite sexy while also being very wearable. Score!

Potential isues: very rare but potentially hazardous association with uber-cougar “Demi” Moore.


Benefits: the origin of this bra comes from men skeevily looking down women’s dresses from theater balconies during the 18th century (also known as “the age of skeeviness”), in response, women decided to adopt these sexy low cut bras to ensure they’d look their best from above. Historically scandalous? We love that kind of thing.

Potential issues: You might be considered skeevy by association (this can be counteracted by participating in multiple viewings of “Downton Abbey”… see above re: “historically scandalous”)


Benefits: this style of bra, also known as “shelf” or “cupless”, is the kind of fantastically sexy, special-occasion lingerie that we rarely buy for ourselves. The cups usually show most, if not all, of the breast, so these styles are not for the faint of heart.

Potential issues: Nipples. They’ll probably be out there. If she’s a t-shirt and boxers kind of girl, then a piece like this might be a bit much.  If you’re interested in dipping your toe into this sort of thing, maybe start with a balconette (or throw in a silk robe so she can decide what/when to flash).

One major thing to note before you start shopping: know her size! Bras are usually sized band (a number) and cup (a letter). Peek in her drawer and check out the tag of a bra you’ve seen her wear. If she catches you rifling through her drawers, try saying this:

“I was thinking about getting some drawer organizers for us from The Container Store, wouldn’t that be great?”


“You are so beautiful right now”*

(*FYI- this is also the right thing to say in every other possible situation. Ever.)


Thanks for joining us and working to expand your knowledge of all things bra-related (your lady friend will thank you, too). You did great!  As a treat for reading to the end, use the promo code BRAS101 to get 10% off any purchase from Journelle through Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome.

Next up? Course #2: Panties 101. Stay tuned.