Designer Q&A: bazsarózsa

| Lingerie


As we gear up for Fashion’s Night Out and Journelle’s Young Lingerie Designer Trunkshow, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at the talented up-and-comers who will be gracing us with their presence on September 8th. First up is Enikö Bazsa, the talent behind bazsarózsa. The Hungarian designer was kind enough to answer our questions about life, love, and lingerie. Ok, mostly about lingerie…

bazsarózsa photos by Annabel Mehran.

(1) Why did you name your brand “ bazsarózsa”?

bazsarózsa is the Hungarian word for peony flower, which is a favorite of mine, and it encompasses my surname. It was a way for me to put a piece of myself into the brand.  Its all about the subtle details for me!

(2) You believe that women should feel both comfortable and sexy at the same time every day. How do you think bazsarózsa accomplishes this?

bazsarózsa uses a soft organic cotton jersey which is very comfortable! The sexy part comes into play with the silhouettes. I was always looking for comfortable underthings, and was frustrated that you had to compromise style for comfort, so I decided to make it happen! I figured if I was looking for it, there must be others as well!  You’re welcome!

(3) You formerly were a design director at Mayle; how did that experience influence your current career as a lingerie designer?

What drew me to Mayle was her affinity for detail, coupled with an understanding of feminine beauty. When she closed her doors, I thought it could be a good opportunity to start a project of my own!  I have always loved underthings, and found it would be a good way to take my love of detail to a smaller canvas!

(4) Why is it important to you that your collections are made in America?

There are many reasons for this. For one, I want to support local jobs.  It also allows me to have a more direct relationship with the people working on the line, to know they are being treated well, and can visit them often to make sure everything is running smoothly!

(5)    What 3 lingerie pieces should every woman own?

A comfortable, sexy bra; undies to go with it; and a great layering cami.

(6)    What are your favorite lingerie looks for Autumn/Winter 2011?

I love a good, foxy cami and my strappy cami is perfect for that! Especially with a sheer top…

(7)    Describe the bazsarózsa woman.

She is someone who does not have to compromise her wants for her needs!