Made in America: Unforeseen Circumstances

| Lingerie

Despite the French origins of our name, we at Journelle are as American as apple pie (or the Atkins Diet). So as the Fourth of July draws near and thoughts of BBQs and fireworks dance through our heads, we thought we’d talk with the proudly American designer of Unforeseen Circumstances, Teo Griscom. The fact that we love her line may have played a small role in this choice as well…

Why is it so important to you that your line is made in the US? I think it’s the saddest thing that we really don’t make anything anymore as a country-  I like also being close to my production process. I believe strongly in quality versus quantity.  I work really hard to not own anything made overseas.

Plans for 4th of July: Well I do believe celebrating any “independence” is in order. I like to go to BBQs and the beach and spend time with friends and family.

Favorite US destination: Galisteo, New Mexico

Favorite thing about summer: Thunderstorms

Fashion “Do” for this summer: Men’s shirts are timeless go-to summer wear for me.

Favorite thing about lingerie: What it implies or doesn’t…

Every woman should own: A garter belt and an all-in-one.

Favorite American designers: Jasmin Shokrian and Frank Lloyd Wright

Personal style icon:  Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris.

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