Wearing Suspenders in Real Life 101

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Looking to make our first Journelle tech hire, Susannah and I recently presented at a forum for companies looking to hire senior tech resources.  It happened to be one of the first cold days of fall, so I celebrated by wearing one of my favorite lingerie ensembles – Jenna Leigh’s Malawi (from last season) – with some Wolford stockings.

Jenna Leigh’s Malawi Skirt

Public speaking has never been my favorite thing, but it turns out it’s REALLY not my favorite thing when I’m scared my stockings might fall down, as I was that night.  Luckily, they didn’t, but as someone who believes lingerie should be something you can wear everyday, I realized I should have followed some of my own rules.

Wearing Suspenders in Real Life 101

  • Real thigh-high stockings can stretch over the course of a day, as I found out.  Avoid lingerie mishaps by wearing stay-ups (my favorite: Wolford Velvet de Luxe 50s).  The band of (ph-balanced) latex means you won’t have to tug or worry about a garter snap coming loose walking up the subway stairs.
  • Most skirts and dresses work with suspenders – promise.  I even wear suspender belts with pencil skirts, provided they’re a thicker material. The point is, you probably wear suspender-appropriate clothes most days anyway.
  • Wear your underwear over the garter belt.  Not only will this drive your significant other crazy when you undress (should you choose to show off), but it makes bathroom breaks much, much easier throughout the day.

We’re out of the lovely Malawi set, but we hear it should be recolored in a future collection.  In the meantime, check out Jenna Leigh’s website for a small amount of remaining stock.  Click here for our current collection of suspenders.

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