Zinke: A Brilliant Collaboration

| Lingerie

When we found Zinke, the line started by sisters Arin Robinson and Jessie Zinke, we were ecstatic.  Their young-minded collection adds just the right amount of fun to luxury lingerie.  When you slip into one of their delicately crafted designs you are guaranteed to feel effortlessly sexy – what woman doesn’t want that?

Claire:  Arin, you initially began Zinke Design as an event design and production company. What led you both to make the leap to lingerie designers with Zinke Intimates?

AR: Through my involvement in event design, particularly weddings, I was exposed to the large void in the bridal accessories market.  Having a unique perspective in that industry, I launched our Goodnight Lovely collection and got an incredibly positive response. Goodnight Lovely is still part of our offerings. Shortly after launching Goodnight Lovely, Jessie and I began collaborating. The lingerie market was attractive to us because it is a luxury niche market.

What type of woman do you envision wearing Zinke lingerie?

AR & JZ: Zinke is fresh-minded and fashion forward. It’s for the modern woman, who approaches fashion with a creative mind; mixing high with low, classic with bohemian. . . And is confident in her personal style.

What is the inspiration behind Love Letters, your fall collection?

AR & JZ: Moody Romance was the underlying theme behind the fall Love Letters Collection. We did a lot of research on Edgar Allan Poe as a misunderstood romantic. He was dark and brooding, but loved love. Our pieces capture the dark mood of his work in color and embellishments while remaining totally feminine and lovely.

Your Spring/Summer collection was full of vibrant, eye-popping colors. What is your color palette for the Fall?

AR & JZ: The Love Letter Collection’s palette is smoldering: aubergine, slate, black & amethyst.   The colors are sophisticated, but the styles maintain that youthful, sexy energy. 

What is it like working with your sister?  How do you complement each other?

AR: Working with Jessie is inspiring and challenging. We are the definition of opposites. Night/Day; Oil/Water: Salt/Pepper – we are all of those clichés.  Luckily, being so different works for us.

As kids, we already had the opportunity to get all the knock-down-drag-out fights over clothes out of our system.  And trust me, there were lots of those. Today we resort to humor & honesty… it’s a good strategy. In fact, brutal honesty is the best, and worst, thing about working together.

Jessie teaches me a lot about the creative process and organization. I’m constantly impressed with her vision.

JZ: It’s true… complete opposites but it definitely works to our advantage.  My weaknesses are Arin’s strengths and vice versa. Plus it’s nice to always have two very different perspectives, it pushes us to continually come up with unique designs. I absolutely love working with my sis, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Which piece are you most looking forward to showing at Journelle’s Fashion Night Out trunk show?

AR: It’s a toss up between the Raven Babydoll and our Stargazer bralet and panty set.  Both styles have been our best-sellers and happen to be my favorite styles from the fall collection. During FNO, we’ll offer a preview of the Spring ’11 collection – the color palate is perfect.

JZ: I LOVE the Stargazer bralet in aubergine! It’s the perfect Fall color and looks amazing peeking out from under a blouse.

What is it that make Zinke Intimates so unique?

AR & JZ: I believe one of the ways Zinke is unique is how versatile the pieces are. They are intimate apparel but can be worn as “outerwear” thanks to good design. Also, several pieces across our collections can be mixed and matched, creating unique, personal combinations. I would also say our inspiration separates us. We look beyond trends, and design by what we love and truly find inspiration in. . . Our debut collection was music and disco, this fall it’s Edgar Allan Poe’s darkly romantic works, next we turn to art deco and the electric pastels of that time period. . . We don’t stick with what lingerie is “supposed” to be; we break out of the box.