A Fond Farewell To Understated Elegance

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That last post reminded me of an impending tragedy:  Myla is discontinuing its Body Silk range!  A lot of bras have come and gone since I started Journelle, but this is one of the stellar few that I will truly mourn.

Myla Satin Knickers, Vogue


I remember a former boyfriend once told me that the sexiest lingerie a woman can wear is plain white cotton.  Let’s put aside for the moment that he was speaking to a woman who has worn everything BUT cotton undies for the last 15 years (and that I was wearing an excellent specimen of such when he said this).  What I think Mr. Ex meant to say was that he could do without the bells (bows) and whistles that most lingerie designers cannot seem to resist.

Myla Bra, Cosmopolitan

I can’t say that I disagree with the idea that less is more, and someone at Myla must agree, because the fanciest part of their Body Silk range is the understated French seaming on the wings.  Simplicity like this walks a fine line between elegant and plain, but spend a little time looking at this bra up close, and you too will understand why it’s firmly on the elegant side.




Myla Satin Knickers, Vogue


Full disclosure:  We’ll probably have to put this on sale later in the summer when sizes get spotty.  Take your chances, or buy now for the best chances of finding your size… we cannot get any more stock.



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