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Carine Gilson

It’s funny how my personal taste in lingerie seems to matter less and less.  The thousands of pieces of lingerie I’ve seen over the years seem to have made me appreciate the art of the undergarment, whether simple mesh or pleated silk tulle.  They all have a place at Journelle.

Personally, though, I have to admit there’s one bra that defines lingerie for me.  I first spotted it in 2007 in the Paris atelier of Carine Gilson.  (For those of you who haven’t tried on her lingerie, I can only say: don’t.  It’s far too lovely to forget).  This particular bra – demi-lune? – featured a silk quarter-cup contour, and behind that, a splash of chantilly lace.  The resulting effect was perfection:  elegant yet bare.

I still haven’t bought that bra for myself (and I’m not even sure she still makes it).  But this spring a notable newcomer from Chantelle came along.  The Chantilly Sexy strikes the same artful balance as Carine Gilson’s masterpiece, in humbler materials (that might just hug your curves a little closer).  I’ll warn you – this bra is low cut, to the point of sometimes being a little scandalous.  However, that’s a scandal that happily (and privately) plays out beneath a dark blouse.  I’m wearing it in black these days, and waiting for the barest hint of a tan so I can nab the ivory version from the Miami store.

Chantelle Chantilly Sexy Demi bra

PS – even though the little “C”  medallions may spell out my name, I cut them off post haste.

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