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Though I tend to shy away from any bra with the word “t-shirt” in it, Chantelle’s Rive Gauche has become my go-to bra for anything sheer.  I love its cut (low), molding (minimal) and the little line of lace along the top of the cup (invisible).  It seems that a lot of you agree since we can’t keep it in stock!

Anyway, getting dressed for a (glorious) Spring day in NYC, I realized that the band on mine seemed a little loose.  Unfortunately, this happens to the best bras.  Elastic, it turns out, starts breaking down the day it’s made.  I made a mental note to add it to our seamstress’ pile.

Black Bra

Depending on how much you wear YOUR favorite bra, maybe it’s time for a little quick fix?  If so, bring any Journelle bra in this week and the alteration is on us!

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