Ode to The Standard

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I have to digress a moment to tell you how much I love The Standard hotel in Miami.  It’s been a bit of a home away from home in our Miami adventure — the first place I stayed when I looked at the site in 2008, a perfect spot to camp out over pots of coffee while we interviewed candidates, a fitting spot to train the team while our store was being finished.  So Melissa and I stayed there, significant others in tow, for the days surrounding the launch, when our corporate apartment filled up with our lovely gaggle of girls.

Standard Hotel, Miami

It’s not a luxurious hotel, per se, but it’s just perfectly comfortable and relaxed.  I love the fact that the sign to the hotel is upside down (irony that was lost on some family friends once when they picked me up for dinner and couldn’t find the entrance).  The dining room serves great granola and greek yogurt and is always full of cooler-than-me sorts of people working on Mac books and wearing great glasses and scarves.  The spa is amazing.  And the pool and deck overlooking the bay are both calm in a very non-South Beach sort of way.

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