Cozy Winter Sunday

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I woke up at 4:50 am to get back to New York for this: a cozy Sunday afternoon.  Vital ingredients?

Winter Solstice tea

My sister and I buy feverishly stock up on this seasonal tea from Peet’s each Christmastime – it’s a blend of smoky black tea and winter scents like orange and clove.  I make a pot, add lots of sugar and milk, and sip it slowly while the afternoon light fades.


In New Zealand, where houses are never over-heated and the sheep are plentiful, my parents put a “sheepie” in each child’s bed every winter.  Decorating my new apartment this fall, I chose a neutral palette in the bedroom and somehow ended up with sheepskin on my bed, couch and floor.  Nothing feels more sumptuous than stepping out of bed onto it or having a floor picnic on one in front of the tv.

Fur Throw Pillows

Cote Bastide Huile de Bain Ambre

Hands-down the best in the world, this bath oil goes in a few drops at a time.  It softens and smoothes my dry skin, but the best part is the subtle, sweet scent that lingers on my skin afterwards.

Cote Bastide Huile de Bain Ambre