Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

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Coordinating the arrival of 7,000 pieces of lingerie is no easy task, as we’re finding out.  Melissa had painstakingly organized the delivery of various shipments from around the world, and most started delivery on February 1st at the site.  Or so we thought.  After watching our tracked packages start to bounce back to sender – “no such address” – we began stalking the UPS truck around 9:30 every morning on the corner of Lincoln and Lenox (café con leche in hand, yum).  A few times we successfully accosted the driver, but somehow we were seldom there at exactly the right time.

Finally, we left a note:

Journelle ♥s UPS and FedEx

We’re nearly open and we’re receiving packages, so please don’t leave.
If you’re confused, call us at 555-555-5555.

Our confession of love seemed to help, because after that the boxes started arriving!