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Woman Sitting on Chair in LingerieEvery January and September, when Melissa and I head to the lingerie shows in Paris, we get the cheap thrill of sounding like fashionistas.  “Going to Paris for the shows” conjures images of Karl Lagerfeld, stilettos in the dust of the Tuileries, and elegant after parties – and I find myself believing, for a second, that is my life.  Unfortunately, the truth is much less glamorous.  All I can reveal is that it involves a convention center, part-time models in fluorescent lighting, and oddly enough, lots of middle-aged men.

Woman Lying on Bed in Lingerie

That said, we go because it’s Paris, and we can’t bear to miss out on the newest lingerie lines. And the show never fails to disappoint. This year, we loved Claire Merry’s debut of Dirty Pretty Things. The collection is modern, wearable and inherently sexy. Even I – a vociferous critic of animal-print anything – loved the patterned demi with hot pink straps. Melissa promises me it’ll be in this spring.


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